Complementary thermal image inspection of the entire property, valued at $375.00.

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We Are a Fully Licensed & Insured Restoration Company

Founded in 2018, Paradise Coast Restoration, Inc. is a registered, licensed and insured company offering professional property damage restoration services for Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs & Estero Florida. Having been a part of insurance & construction industries for decades, we observed the need to transform the local restoration industry by improving the quality of services people were receiving.

Driven by this mission, we laid the foundation for Paradise Coast Restoration Inc, to provide homeowners, businesses, realtors, property management companies and industries with professional, high-quality and reliable solutions following a disastrous set of events.

Residential and Commercial

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation performed to the highest industry standards so your living or business space is a healthy environment to inhabit.

Mold Inspection

Our indoor air quality inspection is a process involving a thorough scrutiny of indoor air and the potential sources and inlets releasing pollutants into the air. Through this comprehensive inspection, we devise a strategy to eliminate air pollutants and improve the quality of air.

Fire Damage Restoration

Our fire restoration services involve using advanced equipment and techniques that restores the physical appeal of your property. VOCs and PAHs can be produced due to fire, which can be carcinogenic. Proper removal of affected materials and cleaning is critical to a healthy indoor environment.

Water Damage Mitigation

We offer immediate and top-quality water damage restoration services for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. Our company uses cutting-edge drying and dehumidification equipment, our professionals skillfully mitigate the damages and restore your property to its optimum state in the shortest amount of time possible.

Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleaning

Our biohazard cleaning services include removal of contaminated building materials, disinfection & odor removal. We use cutting-edge equipment and have a professional team on board that’s adept for all cleaning challenges.

We offer high-quality and professional mold and indoor air inspections for business and industries.

Our Goals

Our vision compels us to veer off from the mainstream approach, and provide a highly customized and professional cleaning and restoration service to our clients. All our efforts are aimed at meeting the following goals:

Job Performance

Whenever and whatever you need, we are here for you! Project completion is done right the first time.

Safe and Reliable Service

Being a licensed company, all services we offer are insured and we offer the best value and experience.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our core objective and we are always willing to go the extra mile to meet our clients’ expectations. We do what we say and show up on schedule.

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PCR has 12 years plus experience in mitigation, restoration, and insurance industry.

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